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Name:Sewage Treatment Plant
certification:CCS, BV, DNV, GL, ABS

Product Description

 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

1.Application of Ship / Domestic Sewage Water Treatment Plant

This plant is applicable to treat the sewage, which means humanbody wastes and the wastes from the toilets on vessels and which is also called“black water”, to meet the effluent standards of IMO MEPC.159(55), anddischarge the effluent to overboard. It is also applicable to treat galley& shower drainage which is called “grey water” on condition that the “greywater” should be pretreated and should select a bigger capacity model to matchwith.


2. Principle Of the Sewage Treatment Plant

The plant adopts the principleof traditional aeration and contact oxidization biochemical treatment andchlorine  disinfection, using activated sludge and soft stuffing medium,Due to the air pump stop and start occasionally, it can solve  thenitration problem and overcome the sludge expansion caused by thread-likebacteria, which is also called “cancer” in  traditional continuousaeration treatment plant.

SWCM Type Marine Sewage Treatment Plant
Convention IMO IMO USCG Alaska
Discharge Old standard New standard
TSS (mg/l) <50 <35 <150 <30
BOD5 (mg/l) <50 <25 N/A <30
COD (mg/l) N/A <125 N/A N/A
Coliform (pcs/100ml) <250 <100 <200 <20
PH 6~9 6~8.5 N/A 6~9
Remaining Cl (mg/l) N/A <0.5 N/A 10
Type test (days) 10 10 10 30





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