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Name:Lashing Rod

Product Description


Eye-plug type lashing rod Model L(mm) B.L. WEIGHT
Eye-eye type lashing rod LR-1 2400/4570 420KN 11/20kg
Triangle hook-swivel head type lashing rod LR-2 2400/4570 500KN 10/19kg
Eye-swivel head type lashing rod LR-3 2200/4600 11/20kg
Eye-swivel head type lashing rod LR-4 2400/4700 11/20kg
knob-swivel head lashing rod LR-5 2450/4700 12/21kg
Vertical, knob-swivel head type lashing rod LR-6 1800/4300 12/21kg

Material: Forged steel& high tensile steel

Finish: Hot dipped galvanized

Remarks: other lengths, materials and finish upon request

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