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There are kinds of twistlock for choose

Name Model B.L. Weight
Manual twistlock TL-1/TL-1R 500KN 5.7KG
Manual twist lock-large seat TL-2 490KN 5.4KG
Manual twist lock angle type TL-3/TL-3R 500KN 6KG
Breech twist lock TL-4/TL-4R 353KN 6KG
Semi automatic twistlock TL-5 500KN 5.7KG
Semi automatic twistlock-large seat TL-6 500KN 7KG
Dovetail twistlock Tl-45/TL-45 500 5.8KG/6.4KG
Dovetail twistlock TL-45B/TL-55B 500 6.5KG/7KG
Classification: all items are proved by major classification societies
Materials: Cast &forged steel
Finish: Hot dipped galvanized
Remarks: Other dimension, materials and finish upon request