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Name:Hall Anchor
Weight:10 to 16100kg
Surface treatment:black painted or customized
Certification:CCS,NK, DNV, GL, LR, KR, RINA, BV, ABS

Product Description

Is a fluke anchor rod canrotate freely and anchor into certain angle. The anchor head and anchor as awhole casting. Anchor through the anchor head, with a stem anchor pin and twoanchor head cross pin lock, the fluke anchor head, with anchor pin as a shaftbefore and after rotation by 45 degrees. When the anchor fluke to either sideof the supine to touch the bottom, the anchor pull, anchor flange frictionresistance force generated by the subsoil into the subsoil have grip anchorpear. The grip force is about 2.5~4.0 times the weight of the anchor. Theanchor is characterized by complex structure. However, it is convenient to bethrown, and the anchor can be directly inserted into the anchor tube. Widelyused in modern ships. There are three types of Hall anchors, A, B, and C.