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Name:Marine Cargo Oil Pump
Series Name:2W
Type:twin screw pump
Capacity:Max. 2500m3/h
Drive:diesel engine, gas engine

Product Description

Marine Cargo Oil Pump for Oil Tanker

1. Deliver arious mediumsmoothly without and disturbing and pulsation. There are med-ium to be pumpedthroughout in the working elements ad sealing liquid which guaranteed by the   construction of pump casing. All of the pump possess high self primingability and can deliver the liquid mixtured with gas or air.

2. The high suctionperpormance ling very low NPSHr was guaranteed by the special design of pump.
3. Adopted the externalbearing which lubricated individually, so can deliver various non-lubricationmedium.
4. Adopted synchrinous gear, there is on metallic contact between rotating parts, there is nodangerous even dry running in a short time.
5. Various construction can choose such as horizontal, vertical and casing with liner, and so on. the pump can handle various clean liquid without solid grain, low or highvis-cosity medium,         even can deliver some corrosive medium with a correctmaterial selection.
6. Suction of the pump is atthe flank and discharge is on the top, the pump has small cub-age, so it isespecially used to the place of small space, such as ship.

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