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Name:Marine Pump
Type:marine pump
Material:cast iron(body), bronze (body) or customized
Application:fire fighting, ballast, bilge, cooling, general service
Certification:CCS, BV, RINA, ABS, DNV, GL, LR

Product Description

 Marine pump

A marine pump is a machine that used to delivery liquid, it will be use 36 to 50 set of pumps for a vessel. They can be used at many place of a vessel

1. Pump for main power unit

cylinder cooling pump, oil head cooling pump, lub.oil pump, fuel supply pump, etc.

2. pumps for auxiliary equipment

There are auxiliary sea water pumps and fresh water pumps, feedwater pumps for auxiliary boilers, fuel pumps, cooling pumps for refrigeration units, sea water pumps for seawater desalination units, condensate pumps, hydraulic pumps for steering gear, davit, windlass and  other hydraulic deck machinery, etc.

3. Pumps for ship safety and living facilities

There are ballast pumps, bilge pumps, fire pumps, daily fresh water pumps, daily seawater pumps and hot water circulation pumps, and general purpose pumps for ballast, fire and bilge pumps.


4. Marine pumps for special vessel

Pumps for special requirements such as cargo oil pumps, dredge pumps, salvage pumps, water jet pumps, fishing pumps, etc

There are many series marine pumps, 

centrifugal pump:  CLH, CIS ,IS, CWL, CBZ, CYZ,CISG, CLZ

Gear pump: 2CY, KCB

Marine screw pump:  2W

Marine votex pump: CWX, CXZ, W(z), W

Submersible pump: CQX(W)

Marine hand pump: CS, K

Othere pumps:  dredger pumpmarine air pump, marine ejector pump