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Name:Twin Screw Pump
Type:Twin screw pump

Product Description

Main Features of Twin Screw Pump

1) The inlet-outlet civility adoptsspecial design to make sure that enough medium is remained in the pump. Evenwhen the medium in the suction pipe is all discharged, the pump still has verygood self-suction performance.

2) The pump body adoptsspecial-structure circular valve, which will open when the outlet pressure ishigher than the working pressure. Then, some medium will back to the inlet ofpump or saving can through this circular valve. Meanwhile, the pump can startsunder full pressure situation thus greatly reduce the torque.

3) Use synchronizer gear to transfertoque from initiative screw to idler screw, which ensures no metal contact andpower transmission between transferring elements. So the transferring elementshave high reliability for any medium and the pump can free from damage of dryrotation in a short time.

4) When the pump is working, themeshing screws form a sealed civility in the pump body, following the rotarymotion of the screws, the liquid in the sealed civility does axial motion withthe sealed civility and transferred to the outlet of pump steadily andcontinuously. Because the capacity of the sealed civility never changes in theworking pump, there will be no pulsation when the pump deliveries liquid.

5) The body of twin screw pump hasseveral different heating structure plans for choice, to adapt to differentmedium under different temperature.

 Product Application

Oil field: Transfer pump for various Lubricatingoil, Crude oil, Residual oil, Slop oil, Heavy oil, Bitumen, Diesel oil,Gasoline etc. 
Ship: Cargo &Stripping pump, Ballast pump, Lubricating oil pump and Fuel oil transfer pump,M.Engine Lubricating oil pump, Waste oil pump, bilge sludge pump and sea waterpump etc. 
Chemical Industry: Transfer pumpfor various acid, alkali and salt solution, resin, glycerin, olefin, polymersand various cosmetics emulsion. 
Paint Industry: Transfer pumpfor various printing ink, paint, oil paint, dope etc. 
Food Industry: Transfer pumpfor various high-viscosity medium like alcohol, beverage, honey, sugar juice,tooth paste, milk, say sauce, animal oil, vegetable and chocolate etc. 

Saving & Transferring industry: Loading and unloading oil goods foroil station, ship and tanker. 

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